Welcome to Rehoboth Farm!

Rehoboth Farm is operated by the Smythe family near Mendota, in southwestern Virginia. Our land lies along the North Fork of the Holston River under the shadow of the famous Clinch Mountain in Washington County.  We seek to produce from our land wholesome food that will sustain ourselves and our neighbors.  We generally produce milk, vegetables, and meats.  Check with us for availability.

What is a Herdshare?  See our Frequently Asked Questions. For additional information about becoming a herdshare owner, please contact usAlso, please see our promise to you. To learn more about raw milk go to our Raw Milk Links.

Our Herdshare currently has shares available...If you like our milk, share our web page link with friends, family and neighbors! (Our referral program offers free boarding fee credits)

We have weekly deliveries for our herdshare owners to various drop points across southwest Virginia in Abingdon, Bristol, Damascus and Weber City.  Pick up is also available at the farm. See map for details.  We have organized co-ops of herdshare owners in Boone, North Carolina and Johnson City, Tennessee that take turns weekly picking up their milk in Damascus, Virginia and Bristol, Virginia respectively. 

Dan and Kimberly Smythe, Owners, Rehoboth Farm


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