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Posted 1/18/2014 5:36pm by Dan Smythe.

Hey folks,

This week renovation work on one of the barns here at Rehoboth will begin. This includes new electrical and plumbing work as well as new cement floors for the milk tank room, milking parlor, and cow holding area. 

Today we disassembled the milking equipment at the old milking parlor at the Templetons and transported everything back to Rehoboth Farm.  We were quite a sight rolling down I-81 with the 250 gallon stainless steel milk cooling and storage tank, the farm fridge and other equipment in an open trailer!  Everything made it without incident.

Will keep you posted! 


Posted 1/13/2014 8:59pm by Dan Smythe.

The herd was successfully relocated to Rehoboth Farm near Mendota Virginia the week before Christmas!

We are now working to get the milking parlor set up for some trial runs before the calves come and milking operations start the first week of March.


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