The Farm and Land

Our farm was settled in 1804.  The earliest grave in our graveyard is dated 1821.  The farmhouse dates from the 1880's, a few years after the railway line came down the narrow Abram's Creek valley onto the farm then across the Holston River to turn towards Hiltons and Gate City.  The railway was built to haul timber from the slopes of the Clinch Mountain. Though abandoned by the 1970's, the rail bed and two trestles are still here. 

For most of the 20th century, this land belonged to the Fleenor and Barker families. Look for the Fleenor family reunion photo in the slideshow taken in front of the farmhouse in June of 1910. When we moved into the house 99 years later in 2009, it appears that very little had changed.

We consider it an honor to join and continue the agricultural heritage of the land we now call home.

Areial map of Rehoboth Farm. Winter - The view from the porch - View of the farmhouse from the swinging bridge over the Holston River - Farmhouse view from the abandoned railbed - Fields and Barns - Our Farmhouse built Approx. 1880 - June 1910 - The farmhouse, in a Fleenor family reunion photo - Hoar frost on the Clinch MountainsA dusting of snow...The farmhouse in AutumnBarnsWinter Pasture
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